The Arrangement

The Arrangement

What happens in the “sordid, shadowy all-too-real world of sugar dating” when there is a one-sided breakup of The Arrangement? Murder!

Waitress Nat is studying art in New York City by day and looking for a sugar daddy by night. She finds Gabe, a rich but, unknown to her, married man. Gabe supports her in a style she wants to become accustomed to. When she starts catching feelings for him, Gabe breaks it off. Nat can’t let Gabe go so she starts stalking him and his family.

I loved The Arrangement. It has several twists you won’t see coming. Picture driving down a highway at 50 mph when your car suddenly shifts into reverse. That type of twist. I also enjoyed the glimpse into the secretive world of sugar daddies. The author signed up at an actual sugar bowl site to talk to some real sugar babies as part of her research for the book! Hopefully, they took the book’s advice and got paid up front.

I also enjoyed the subtle transformation of many of the main characters as the plot moved forward. It was very realistic and made the characters feel genuine.

The mystery at the heart of the book was a real challenge. Even an experienced armchair detective like me basically thought everybody-dunnit at various times. If you like thrillers and to peek into a hidden world, you can’t go wrong picking up this book. So good it’s worth 5 stars!

Thanks to Scout Press Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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