Guy Who Died Twice

A man walks into a police station insisting he has been murdered. With a record of mental issues, he is sent home. Less than nine hours later, he is stabbed to death in the Guy Who Died Twice. Detective D.D. Warren and her partner investigate the man’s murder. Arriving homeContinue Reading

In the Shadow of Agatha Christie

In the Shadow of Agatha Christie highlights female writers of crime fiction from 1850-1917. These writers opened the door for the golden age, 1920-1939, of detective fiction led by many female authors like Christie, Margery Allingham, Ngaio Marsh, and Dorothy L. Sayers. The introduction gives a comprehensive history of pre-goldenContinue Reading

Breakout cover pic

Compelling short read. Highly recommended! Usually I don’t like short stories because they are either slice-of-life character studies with little plot or characterless stories with a “surprise” twist at the end. This story in contrast has just the right amount of interesting characters and action-driven plot. It is rather amazingContinue Reading

Roseblood cover pic

Good short thriller. I read the author’s second book, Breakout, before this one and to be honest that one was better. Still Roseblood held my interest for the half hour it took me to read it. I enjoyed it a lot until the end, which I didn’t like.Continue Reading