Weaving on a Little Loom

Everything a beginning weaver needs to start Weaving on a Little Loom. This book has clear and concise instructions—most with pictures or diagrams. It begins with the tools needed. Next, the author describes the different weaving and edging techniques. Finally, there are five project plans: a wall hanging, a clutchContinue Reading

Rising Out of Hatred

Rising Out of Hatred is the fascinating true story of how a heir apparent to a white nationalist dynasty turned away from hate. Home schooled by his racist family, Derek Black seemed on a path to hatred. Derek was a frequent contributor to his father’s prominent white nationalist website. HeContinue Reading

How to Invent Everything

How to Invent Everything is “a complete cheat sheet to civilization”. You’re welcome. Beginning with hilarious FAQs about your new state-of-the-art FC3000 rental market time machine, the book then explains how to invent everything and restart civilization in case the machine breaks down in the past.  It starts at aContinue Reading

Ancient Nine

A thrilling chase for a secret buried for decades enlivens the Ancient Nine. The Ancient Nine is a rumored fraternity inside a fraternity inside Harvard. Legend states they protect a secret called Harvard’s Holy Grail. Investigating the Grail has already cost one student his life. Spenser Collins receives a mysteriousContinue Reading

We Sold Our Souls

We Sold Our Souls and all we got was this lousy band t-shirt. High concept but ultimately unsatisfying book about a fictional heavy metal band. Kris, Scottie, Tuck, Terry and first JD and then Bill started Durk Wurk, a heavy metal band, in high school. They were good but notContinue Reading

Drink Me!

Drink Me! has 25 cocktail recipes all linked to the plot of Alice in Wonderland. Each recipe comes with a brief explanation of how it relates to the Alice in Wonderland story. For example, the Unbirthday Cake Martini uses cake frosting-infused vodka, hazelnut and raspberry liqueurs, and pineapple and lemonContinue Reading