Murder Geniuses
December 1st, 2017 by diane92345

An imaginative noir comic thick with backstory and full of plot twists!

What villain is killing Gotham City’s philanthropists? The Shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men but is he a hero or a villain?

Mentioning almost any part of the plot of this great noir comic would be a heartbreaking spoiler. Most of the fun in reading this multilayered story is not understanding where it is heading in advance.

Usually I read comics and even graphic novels not expecting much from the plot. Action, and awesome illustrations, are my usual expectation. This comic definitely contains both but the focus is on the story. It explains who taught Batman to be Batman. Alfred’s background is also explored. While I had only seen one old black & white movie about The Shadow, his story, as shown in this book, is captivating.

Most comics take a few hours to read. This one took me days because I truly wanted it to last as long as possible. I can also see a re-read in my future. Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses is definitely my favorite comic from 2017. It is especially recommended for mystery readers who previously shunned comics as too simplistic in plotting. The plot is definitely the star here. 5 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, DC Comics, and NetGalley for an advanced review copy.

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Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Big Lie
November 27th, 2017 by diane92345

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys investigate Fenton Hardy’s suicide in this graphic noir thriller.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are all grown up. They live in Bayport, which also houses the Bobbsey twins. The art, coloring and lettering are great. The story less so.

There were 175 Nancy Drew books written between 1930 and 2003. As a reader of the first 41 as a child and a lover of all things noir, The Big Lie seemed like a perfect fit for my tastes. The look of the book is vintage noir. The updating of Nancy, Joe and Frank’s appearance is spot on. Unfortunately, the plot is horrible. There is no mystery regarding whodunnit at all. There is absolutely no dramatic tension. The disagreement between the brothers didn’t seem authentic. The setting for the ending seemed forced and overly referenced the original books. Overall, the story gets 1 star from me but the artwork and style get a 5 so the entire book gets 3 stars. Still I wouldn’t recommend it to Nancy Drew fans looking for an homage to the original books.

Thanks to the publisher, Dynamite Entertainment, and Netgalley for an advanced review copy. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie will be published on November 28, 2017.

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