The Paradise Affair

The Paradise Affair is filled with lush descriptions of Hawaii in 1898. In fact, it feels like you are reading a travel memoir from an earlier slower-paced era. There are also two mysteries to solve for the husband and wife private detective duo, Sabina and Tom Quincannon. Overall, I liked,Continue Reading

One Poison Pie

Famous penultimate words, “They can’t charge me for something I didn’t do.” Famous last words, “Your police force is a joke. They think I murdered Adele.” —from One Poison Pie Mia is starting a food business providing catering, a meal delivery service, and a chef training program. Her first jobContinue Reading

The Great Pyramid

Join elementary-age Nico and Annie as they travel back in time to The Great Pyramid. What secrets will be revealed in this colorful children’s book? The first revelation is that The Great Pyramid is the last remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The second is that Napoleon might haveContinue Reading