Go to My Grave

Accomplished dual mysteries wrapped in an artful gothic atmosphere. Go to My Grave tells the story of two parties that went horribly wrong. “They were terrified. Every last one of them.” Donna and her mother spent their last dime opening The Breakers, a bed and every meal (rather than justContinue Reading

Witch Elm

The Witch Elm was an acceptable family drama but not much of a thriller. Toby is a lucky privileged jerk. His girlfriend, Melissa, is a sweet bubblehead. After celebrating his ability to talk his way out of a possibly career-ending mistake at work, Toby goes home. There he surprises twoContinue Reading

Under My Skin

Marvelous psychological thriller that totally got Under My Skin. Poppy, a former travel photojournalist, now owns a boutique agency representing other photojournalists. Her husband, Jack, died a year earlier—attacked early one morning while running in a local park. After his death, Poppy had a nervous breakdown with a two-day blackout.Continue Reading

Tear Me Apart

Tear Me Apart is a well-plotted character-driven family drama filled with secrets and lies. It also deals compassionately with mental health issues, DNA, depression, adoption, cancer, suicide and cutting. Mindy, a 17-year-old downhill skier, is on the fast track to the Olympics when a sudden snow flurry makes her clipContinue Reading

Little Comfort

It is amazing such an accomplished thriller with multiple plot lines was written by a debut author. Kudos to Edwin Hill for the marvelous PI/thriller/family drama, Little Comfort! Hester lives in a separate apartment in the same building as her boyfriend Morgan. Morgan’s twin sister, Daphne, and her three-year-old KateContinue Reading

Our House

Can a soon-to-be ex-husband sell Our House without warning? Bram and Fi are a typical London family with two young sons and most of their money tied up in their house. When Fi throws Bram out for adultery in their kids’ playhouse, Bram moves in with his mother until theirContinue Reading

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth is a good Bad Seed thriller. Hanna doesn’t speak but has an abundance of thoughts. Hanna loves her Daddy but hates her Mommy. Hanna is evil. Hanna is four. Hanna has some mental health issues but feels if she can get rid of her Mommy, she would haveContinue Reading

liar liar

Liar Liar is an engrossing study of a woman willing to do anything, regardless of the impact on her family, to achieve her dreams. Didi Storm wants riches and fame. When her acting career is derailed with a teen pregnancy, she becomes a celebrity impersonator in Vegas. Realizing she’ll neverContinue Reading

Then She Was Gone

Then She Was Gone is recommended to thriller rather than mystery readers. Mothers especially will relate to this moving family story. Fifteen-year-old Ellie Mack disappears one day. Did she run away or was she kidnapped? Her disappearance tears apart her family. Laurel, Ellie’s mom, has two older children and aContinue Reading

After Anna

Maggie and Noah were married and happy as they could be After Anna arrived, chaos occurred as all will agree Range Rovers, sexual allegations Inappropriate pics on vacations Within the court and out, there are two sides to the couple’s tale Hopefully this one won’t end with Noah locked upContinue Reading

Need to Know

While doing your job as a CIA Analyst, you find something that will rip your family apart. Do you reveal it to your superiors? Vivian is a counterintelligence agent with the CIA. While employed, she developed a new program to find Russian sleeper cells inside the United States. She isContinue Reading