Pretty Revenge

Jordana is a celebrity wedding planner being interviewed on a morning news show. She is also the person who ruined Kerrie’s life eighteen years ago. Kerrie is unemployed and in a mundane relationship when she decides to enact her Pretty Revenge by applying to be Jordana’s assistant. It was funContinue Reading

My Favorite Half-Night Stand

My Favorite Half-Night Stand tells the story of moving beyond the friend zone. Reid, Chris, Alex, Ed and Millie are best friends and colleagues. They are all scientists and teachers at University of California Santa Barbara. When their college schedules a black tie dinner with President Obama, they worry aboutContinue Reading

Accidental Beauty Queen

Humor and digs fly when two sisters attempt to win a beauty pageant with an Accidental Beauty Queen. Charlotte is resigned to never being the pretty sister. Her sister, Ginny, has followed in their mother’s footsteps in the pageant world. Charlotte followed in their father’s footsteps by being a readerContinue Reading