Safecracker features a gentleman thief named Michael, who witnesses a murder by a female thief and assassin. He is then forced into breaking into the safe of a Miami drug cartel boss. Things just get worse for Michael after that. How will Michael extricate himself from this situation without beingContinue Reading

Fool Me Twice

In Fool Me Twice, master thief Riley is back! Now, he is being coerced by an arms dealer to steal a fresco, which is painted on a wall in the Vatican. It is a truly impossible task. How will Riley pull it off? I gave the original book in thisContinue Reading

Double Dog Dare

Double Dog Dare is a comedy caper with all female leads. Set in a high-rise casino in Biloxi Mississippi, the complications keep coming throughout.  First, Davis’ sister Meredith and her best friend’s dog are kidnapped by her hometown preacher. Then the best friend’s mother-in-law comes to make sure that theContinue Reading