She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons, Volume 1

She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons Volume 1

Akari is a typical girl trying to fit into her clique in Japanese high school. All the boys look the same to her. None seem hot to her. But Yuki intrigues Akari.  Yuki doesn’t feel the need to blend in with the other girls. In fact, her calmness makes her a standout—at least in Akari’s eyes. So starts the romantic triangle manga, She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons, Volume 1.

This manga does a good job depicting the tortures of high school. Navigating your first crush is hard enough without it being a socially unacceptable same sex attraction. And what is with the boy trying to complicate things by inserting himself into the emerging couple.

I liked the camera facts scattered within the book. Though I’m not sure about my first real camera being called ancient by Yuki. The story seems realistic if a bit simplistic. Overall, She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons, Volume 1 is a good choice for teenage romance manga fans. 3.5 stars!

Thanks to Kodansha and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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