Secrets of the Looking Glass

Secrets of the Looking Glass

“Wittier and wittier” mumbled the book reviewer (as she savored the wonderful new “children’s book” called Secrets of the Looking Glass).

I put quotes around children’s book because, like the original Lewis Carroll book, this book is written for all ages. Like The Simpsons, but literary, you might say. Now that the creativity of the book’s world has totally made me forget how to write good English—or at least consistent tenses, let’s start this book review in earnest. But first, one more side observation, I just reviewed an entire book about play, and now I’m reading one that feels like a giant playdate. Coincidence? I think not!

Secrets of the Looking Glass is a reimagining of the famous Through the Looking Glass. Not only is the book set within the same world, it is written in the same witty style. Words are the characters’ weapons but obviously they are also the author’s playthings. I can’t praise this book highly enough. It’s just a fun, exhilarating ride through the English language, while also including an empowering message for everyone to accept all aspects of themselves—not just the perceived best one.

If you like reading, which I assume you do if you are reading a book review, Secrets of the Looking Glass is a must read! 5 stars and my favorite book of 2022!

Thanks to Shadow Mountain Publishing and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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