Unique adults-only graphic novel.

Young Charlotte is looking for her older brother, Christopher, who was lost in underground tunnels. Christopher was looking to prove his theory that demons are really just another evolutionary chain from monkeys rather than hellish monsters.

Charlotte and her team of five are lost in the caves during a storm. A few weeks later, a priest finds the group. Father Monsore was the guide for the trip where Christopher was lost. He was the only survivor. Before the Father can guide them from the cave, another storm hits and the group is swept downwards, deeper into the tunnels.

One part Jules Verne, one part H.G. Wells, two parts Dante and a pinch of Aesop, Satania is like no other graphic novel. The story is definitely only for adults. Christians may be displeased with the portrayal of what may, or may not, be hell and its demons. The illustrations are serviceable at best. However, the imaginative plot, particularly the ending, is what makes Satania unique.

While I enjoyed this obviously French tale, I hesitate to recommend it to most readers. However, if a reader is bored with regular graphic novel plots and is willing to go down some extremely dark paths,  Satania may be a perfect quick read that will resonate long after the last page is done. 4 stars.

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