Sacred Lamb

Sacred Lamb

Sacred Lamb is a place where serial killer survivors are placed by witness protection. If a gang of undead serial killers is looking for a challenge, I’m thinking this town is the perfect location for their next party.

I’m not sure if this graphic novel is an homage to my favorite cheesy 1980s horror movies or a parody. Unfortunately, even the original movies have some cringeworthy sexism and stereotypes that this book is forced to use, which is sure to turn many readers off.

I’m not sure who is the perceived audience for this book. Fans of the old movies may take offense at making fun of their favorite films. More woke readers will just grumble about all the overt sexism.

While the artwork is good, I never felt connected to any of the characters. The plot feels sterile with no truly horrific scenes. Sacred Lamb is a puzzle—but not in a good way. 3 stars.

Thanks to TKO Studios and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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