One hot and humid morning, my Siamese cat Mochi and I began reading Pawmistry. The book explains how your cat is “privy to the most staggering universal truths and yet [is] still being regarded as a mere house pet!” The author explains her dislike of the word pet in a chapter footnote, “try substituting the phrases mystical fur companion, fuzzywuzzy wizard bear, or bewitching floofer baby.“

So, Mochi, my mystical fur companion, and I would have loved to try the book’s tea recipe, the Trial of Bastet, to verify that Mochi is a mystical guide. But Mochi seems to think that would be a waste of good catnip. And, since she is a Siamese companion, it is obvious to both of us that she knows secrets. So, on to divination by reading her tail, the food crumbs that fall from her mouth while eating, and even her poo. While the picture seems muddled, I’m sure that is my own incompetence. Or maybe my other cat, um, fuzzywuzzy wizard bear, Ninja, is mucking up the signs. It couldn’t be the mysterious Mochi, my bewitching floofer baby.

“Fortune favors the furry.”

Pawmistry is a great gift for the cat person in your life. It is humorous. The illustrations are pretty. Many of the situations will be familiar to those with whom cats deign to live. 4 stars!

Thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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