A former television star has an evening go quickly from bad to worse in the new graphic novel, Parasocial.

Luke Indiana is at a comics convention signing autographs and posing for fan selfies. His evening soon descends into a cat-and-mouse thriller between himself and his “number 1 fan”.

I wasn’t going to rate this very high right after finishing it. It was probably a 3-star read at that point.

However, then I read the artist and author’s notes at the end. Parasocial was created from an educated and thoughtful viewpoint. At least according to them. Instead, I’m just a dumb mook for not recognizing their brilliance. Hmmm… I appreciate the English Literature class’s level of discussion, but you know what they say. If you have to explain it… So, it’s still 3 stars. However, The Rapture pet insurance idea really is brilliant!

Thanks to Image Comics and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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