Murder on the Poet’s Walk

Murder on the Poet's Walk

What could be more peaceful than a weekend poetry conference at a beautiful estate/hotel in rural Virginia? Fifty poets are attending. All are hoping to win a greeting card company’s job competition. Unfortunately, the tranquility is soon shattered when the estate’s manager, Jane, finds a woman’s body posed like a poem on a walking trail. Who could have done a Murder on the Poet’s Walk?

Jane, her staff, and the local police investigate. There are clever clues, and several red herrings, strewn about. There are a multitude of literary facts and Easter eggs too for those English majors in the reading public. There are also some stories that continue to build the ongoing series’ plot.

While set in a cozy mystery’s world of no sex or graphic violence, the Storyton series has more of a traditional mystery feel. The owners and several of the staff have a secondary role as secret keepers of sacred literature. Many have special skills from being former military or intelligence officers. These characters are not the typical cozy mystery’s chefs and bookstore owners. It makes the mystery feel more important somehow.

Since Murder on the Poet’s Walk is somewhere between a cozy mystery and a golden-age style clue-driven mystery, it is rather hard to rate. I think only fans of both will enjoy it so 4 stars for straddling the line well.

Thanks to Kensington Cozies and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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