Murder Mysteries

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Beautiful Artwork and a Compelling Plot

I picked up this graphic novel because it combines two of my favorite genres: graphic novels and mysteries. Am I ever glad I did!

A British man visiting Los Angeles has his flight back home canceled. While waiting, he visits an old friend before returning to his temporary home. Too anxious to go to sleep, he meets an old man who offers a story in exchange for a cigarette and a book of matches.

The tale he tells is a reworking of the origin story in the Bible. It is a creation story of the universe with many familiar names such as God, Lucifer and three angels. However, the plot is twisted just enough that you know you reading a Neil Gaiman.

It is also a mystery, perhaps more than one. One of the angels is killed and another named Vengeance is tasked by Lucifer to solve the crime. I won’t spoil the end but trust me, it is excellent and resolves the plot and subplots perfectly. When it was finished, I thought that was the only logical way to end the book but then I wondered why I didn’t foresee the end. That is how a great mystery ought to make you feel so kudos to Mr. Gaiman.

I have to comment on the beautiful artwork. The pastel colors with dramatic pops of red and bright golden yellow emphasize the story’s plot points perfectly. I started reading this on my Kindle in black and white. But quickly decided to read it on my tablet to get the full effect of the art. I would recommend others do the same (or read it on paper).

Overall, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I wish I could turn the rating stars up to 11!

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