Mashle: Magic and Muscles Vol 2

Mashle Magic and Muscles Vol 2

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Vol 2 continues the mashup of Harry Potter and One Punch Man. Mash has no magic abilities in a world that requires them. In Vol 1, he wins entry to his country’s preeminent magic school, Easton Magic Academy (think Hogwarts) based solely on his phenomenal strength and quick thinking.

Mash has found a new frenemy at the school. His name is Lance. Lance wants to save his little sister, Anna, from the government’s clutches. Anna is sick and may lose her magic. Her parents will comply with the law and turn her in if that happens.

The plot this time is the rivalry between two of the three dorms in the magic academy. Mash’s dorm is Adler for those with courage. Lang dorm is for the ambitious who carry the bloodlines of famous magicians.

There is plenty of action along with a few laughs along the way. I enjoyed Mashle: Magic and Muscles Vol 2 but not quite so much as Vol 1. 4 stars!

Thanks to VIZ Media and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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