Maeve Fly

Maeve Fly

Maeve Fly is the type of character that quickly divides readers into lovers and haters.

Beware what is lurking behind a theme park princess’ facade!

Maeve plays a Southern California theme park princess during the day. But at night she lets her freak flag fly in the clubs of Los Angeles. When she meets Gideon, she metamorphoses into a graphically violent serial killer. If what she does between these pages doesn’t trigger you, I would be suspicious that you may be an android.

So, am I a hater or a lover of Maeve Fly? On the positive side, it is hard to find truly scary horror after decades of squeezing the life out of vampire and zombie plots. Yet, this book somehow succeeds in its goal of pushing the envelope of an American Psycho-type plot. Seeing the creation of a monster in the first third of the book was my favorite part. The rest seemed a bit rushed—like there was a better, longer version that was cut for a particular page length. In addition, some of the violence seemed to be there just for shock value rather than adding to Maeve’s characterization or the book’s plot in general.

While I liked the author’s ambition, I believe this book will only appeal to readers looking for something new to titillate their senses who can also stomach extreme violence. And you know who you are. This isn’t Dexter y’all. 3 stars.

Thanks to Tor Nightfire and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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