Looking Glass Sound

Looking Glass Sound

Looking Glass Sound is a chameleon of a book. It begins as a coming-of-age tale set in a creepy, almost gothic setting. There is, of course, a serial killer and a child peeper loose that may or may not be the same person. It also has a literary fiction style and is filled to the brim with metaphors for its eerie island location. Ultimately, it is a book about writers and ownership of plots.

After spending quite a while reading it, because it demands a reader’s full attention, I enjoyed it. It is unique in the burgeoning sub-genre of horror thrillers. However, its style requires a thoughtful read, and perhaps a rereading or two. It reminded me of books I read in high school English class by long dead authors. If you are looking for a light beach read, Looking Glass Sound is not it. For those readers looking for a book that will offer them a thoughtful read, this book is highly recommended. I’ll average my rating for both types of readers with 4 stars!

Thanks to Tor Nightfire and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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