How to be an Artist

How to be an Artist

So you want to be an artist. A painter or a writer? It’s no matter. What is the matter is you have no idea how to start? Sure, it’s easy to say writers write and painters paint. But what does that really mean? What you really need to know is How to be an Artist.

Will this short little book make you a great artist? Maybe not. But it will help you do the most difficult part. Starting. It is a very inspirational book. How to be an Artist is better savored in small doses. Here’s an example that I’ve digested slowly over the last few days.

“Like a flatworm, art possesses the astounding ability of regeneration. Split your work in any way—lengthwise, widthwise, into irregular pieces, using just one element from the whole—and it can grow into an entirely new organism.”

Originally, I was thinking of Stephen King writing Doctor Sleep as a sequel to The Shining, which seems impossible at the end of The Shining. But then I thought of the Star Wars canon of films. So many minute pieces have been carved off of that bone with no loss in quality (or not much anyway—I love Baby Yoda). So can you take apart one portion of an already completed work and make another? It’s a challenging exercise to see if you can.

Overall, I liked this book’s motivational style. I might just start writing the great American novel…or a short story…or some fan fiction. It doesn’t matter as long as I start somewhere. 5 stars!

Thanks to Riverhead Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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