He Started It

He Started It

He Started It is another completely original sociopathic family thriller from the author of the serial killer couple thriller, My Lovely Wife.

Road trip! Siblings Eddie, Beth, and Portia are recreating a road trip they had with their grandfather twenty years earlier as children. This time, their dead grandfather’s remains are packed in the trunk.

Dear old grandad has made the road trip a condition of his will with the ultimate goal of scattering his ashes in California. Since his estate is worth well over $3 million, all three siblings go, along with Eddie’s wife Krista and Beth’s husband Felix. Sure, the first trip went horrible wrong but with a million apiece riding on it, who wouldn’t go?

And it may be more than a cool mil at the finish line. If something (or more likely someone) prevents two out of three from reaching California, it could be winner take all.

I love this author’s take on family. “That’s the thing about family. Despite what they say, it’s not a single unit with a single goal. What they never tell us is that, more often than not, every member of the family has their own agenda. I know I do.” It makes you wonder about the author’s perception of her own family.

Our narrator is Beth, the middle child, who “can’t be your heroine” because of two deal breakers. In the first page, Beth confesses to being a murderer and cheating on her husband. That, itself, breaks every thriller “rule”. But as Beth says “I still have a story to tell.” And what a story it is.

I loved He Started It for its refreshing originality and its creepily genuine characters. However, the twisty plot is my favorite part. If all the books labelled domestic suspense are beginning to seem the same, give this book a try. You won’t be sorry. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Berkley Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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