Golden Prey

Excellent Davenport thriller as always with even more psychopaths than usual.

Two men rob a Honduran mob’s drug money packaging room. In the process, they kill two security guards and two money counters. Unfortunately, one of the victims has brought his young granddaughter, who is also killed. Davenport, a newly (politically) appointed US Marshal, is called in to look for the killers. In addition, the mob sends their own team after the killers. The chase weaves through the US as Davenport and his team get support from multiple law enforcement agencies across the country.

This novel compels the reader to finish it as quickly as possible. I read it in one day. The plot is an exhilarating rush. It’s great when an author is still writing at the top of his game rather than farming out the work to co-authors as is common today.

My only complaint is that effing Flowers is only in the book for a few pages. I guess I’ll have to wait until autumn to read the next book in his series to quench my Flowers addiction.

This a seriously great book in the series and just in general. Highly recommended!

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