Glitch, Vol. 1

Glitch Vol. 1

In Glitch, Vol. 1, a Japanese exchange student sees dark shadows on his first day in a new high school. On the way home after picking up his younger sister, they both see the same shadows. There are relieved that if they are both seeing it, it must really be there. But what is going on? Could the shadows be wild boars? Ghosts? Wolves? Aliens? Giant elk?

Glitch, Vol. 1 is an intriguing start to a new manga series. I really enjoyed reading it (though the book title kind of ruined the ending). For readers looking for colorful artwork, look elsewhere. The entire manga is in black and white. However, the story kept me reading until I finished the 200 page book in one sitting. 4 stars!

Traditionally, manga reads from back to front and right to left. In this electronic book, each page still reads manga style from right to left. However, the book reads from front to back like a normal American comic.

Thanks to Yen Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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