Four-season Food Gardening

Four-Season Food Gardening

You may think that gardening is a spring and summer activity. Four-season Food Gardening is out to prove you wrong.

From planning your garden to specific tasks for each season, the book includes all you need to know to keep your fruit, vegetable and herb gardens going all year long. There is also an extensive section on their favorite crops. Each crop has a full color picture or two, some history and instructions for growing it in your own garden.

I learned a lot of new edible food gardening information in Four-season Food Gardening! I love the taste of bok choy in restaurant meals. Now I know how to grow dwarf varieties in only 30 days in containers. I also would have never thought that winter crops like potatoes can be overwintered or even plucked from the ground during winter. There were surprises in the crop section too. Claytonia can be planted in basically any soil or location but is not invasive. It tastes like spinach but is much less finicky. It’s the perfect winter crop and may be a perennial here since winter temps rarely go below 20.

If you want to garden all year or are curious about new crops, Four-season Food Gardening is the perfect book to help you achieve your goal. 5 stars!

Thanks to Cold Springs Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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