Five Total Strangers

Five Total Strangers

“I do not climb into cars with a group of strangers or jaunt off into a snowstorm. This isn’t something I’d normally do, but to get home to Mom? I’ll do whatever it takes.” These are Mira’s last thoughts before she indeed becomes one of Five Total Strangers stuck in a car together. Unfortunately, one is not just a stranger but also deranged. And a blizzurricane is predicted…

This book is pitch perfect for the way young adults think. Nothing bad could possibly happen. The snowstorm is over-hyped. The feeling of invincibility slowly turns to worry, then fear. Will any of the strangers make it home for Christmas?

Are you ready for a non-stop thrill ride? Five Total Strangers doesn’t let up on the throttle. Even when stopping for gas, the group encounters weird subplots about each other and other travelers around them.

If you want a thrill-a-minute plot with characters you come to care for, read this book. You won’t be sorry. 4.25 stars!

Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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