Feral Creatures

Feral Creatures

In the sequel to the bestselling Hollow Kingdom, we find S.T. the crow raising a human infant named Dee. With the help of his bird buddies, the owls, and other various Feral Creatures.

The humans have wrecked the Earth, what else is new. Now, a virus, possibly from the human’s ubiquitous phone and tablet screens has caused them all to turn into zombies or other murderous creatures. All but Dee.

S.T. raised by a human himself, and loving some cheese puffs, is Dee’s de facto father. But can a disabled crow really feed and protect a human infant? The other animals don’t call him “The One Who Keeps” for nothing. If anyone can do it, it is S.T. Dee acts very much like a human and frequently does stupid things with good intentions. But doesn’t she deserve a chance to live her life as best she can?

I have to admit it. It took me longer to fall in love again with S.T. in this book than in its predecessor. I agreed with the feathered (birds) that raising a human was not the best decision in a world ruined by them. But S.T.’s love for humans shines through everything—including my reservations.

Feral Creatures is ultimately a grand quest. Instead of Homer, you have a foul-mouthed and funny crow. But he still protects his damsel-in-distress in the face of discord with his friends and enemies on all sides. How can you not want to go along for the ride? 5 stars and a favorite!

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for providing the advanced review copy of the book that I won at the Publisher’s Weekly Galley Grab. It in no way impacted my honest review of the book.

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