Egypt’s Golden Couple

Egypt's Golden Couple

The boy King Tutankhamun’s tomb artifacts included a stunning bust of his mother, Nefertiti. While a lot is known about the boy king, not as much is known about his parents. Was his father, Akhenaten, aka King Amenhotep IV, the first Egyptian king to believe in a single god? Or was he an incestuous megalomaniac? Or a bit of both? Egypt’s Golden Couple is both his and his wife’s story.

The plot is told in two timelines, in ancient Egypt and in modern day. The ancient tale is pieced together from the few remaining fragments of the time. However, the modern story is how Egyptologists piece together a history far far away from us now.

I personally preferred the modern tale. It was fascinating to feel like a history detective dealing with so many disparate elements, and gaping holes of knowledge. And those holes are my main issue with the ancient tale. By its very nature, it is speculative. It seems strange to have a book that is both non-fiction and something like a docudrama.

If you love all things about ancient Egypt or want to see how a modern Egyptologist works, you will adore Egypt’s Golden Couple. While the writing is very formal, almost textbook-like, the story within is entertaining. Unfortunately, my issue with its speculative nature lowers its rating to 3 stars.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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