In Edenfrost, the Russian Civil War between the socialists and royalists is being brutally carried out. After their house is invaded and burned to the ground, two children run from the soldiers who killed their parents. The children are unarmed and the November night in Ukraine is cold. Groups of soldiers from both armies inhabit the woods in which they find themselves. Both sides hate the children because of their Jewish heritage. But the children have a hidden advantage, they can summon a golem. The golem is all powerful. But does he have a hidden agenda?

The artwork within Edenfrost is impressive. The story is one rarely told anywhere anymore and certainly not in a graphic novel format. However, this volume feels very short. I wanted more background on the children and what caused the golem to be attached to their family. Hopefully, future volumes will be released soon. Also, despite the main characters being young, the novel is extremely violent. It is best for teens and older readers. 4 stars!

Thanks to Mad Cave Studios and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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