Easy Watercolor

Easy Watercolor

After reading Easy Drawing, I was worried that Easy Watercolor would also start at an intermediate level. I didn’t need to worry. This book is truly a beginner’s guide.

Not only does the book include instructions for creating watercolor paintings of objects, animals, portraits, and landscapes, it begins at the most rudimentary level—choosing your supplies. It also has a great overview of color theory and mixing including how to use those tubes of paint that your daughter got you for Mother’s Day when you just wanted one of those kiddy sets with the brush included with the paint circles. [That just might be my story.] I really enjoyed that even the initial lessons included assignments (like creating your own color wheel). Of course, if some of these lessons feel too easy, you may skip on to the more advanced lessons like portraits and landscapes. What I liked was that no pencil or pen is required, the watercolor lessons jump straight into watercolor with no long preliminary steps to do first like I’ve seen in other books.

Overall, Easy Watercolor is a great guide for all levels of watercolor artists from beginner to intermediate. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Walter Foster Publishing and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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