Dirty, Lazy Keto Dirt Cheap Cookbook

Dirty Lazy Keto Dirt Cheap Cookbook

The Dirty, Lazy Keto Dirt Cheap Cookbook means what it says in the title. It’s dirty because it doesn’t strictly follow the keto diet rules. Lazy means easy recipes that don’t take forever to make and that don’t involve running to the market for an ingredient you have never heard of before. It’s keto because there are less than 10 grams of net carbs per serving. Dirt cheap means less than $10 per meal with at least four servings. Sounds good? Read on.

There are 100 recipes included in the cookbook from breakfasts to desserts. Some of my favorites are the beautiful “Tycoon Titanic Wedge Salad”, the innovative “Clearance Cheetos Cheese Sticks” (cheese coated with more cheese and crushed Cheetos), and the super simple but delicious “Treat Yo’ Self Tomato Soup”. I also appreciate the “Red Lobster Bargain Biscuits”. They will save me a fortune over the Red Lobster branded gluten-free boxed mix that I have been using!

My only complaint is that only about a third of the recipes have a photo. I would really have liked to see what buns made from cheese would look like in the “Scratch the Egg Fast Sandwich” recipe. Speaking of that recipe, as a long-time gluten-free eater, I appreciate the author’s creative bread alternatives. She creates egg tortillas, pork rind pizza crust, cheese sandwich rolls, and jalapeno hot dog buns.

The jokes in the book add to the fun (kudos for making me think any diet is “fun”). In addition to the imaginative recipe names, the “Bourbon Borrowed Smokies” recipe requires two shots of bourbon, “one for the recipe and one for you!”

I don’t know if I will go full keto. Or even Dirty, Lazy Keto. However, I will be making some of these recipes and using the bread substitutes for other items that I will create. They sound tasty and are definitely Dirt Cheap. If you want to add some humor and healthy recipes to your diet or are committed to being casually keto (either now or on January 1st), the Dirty, Lazy Keto Dirt Cheap Cookbook is a great starting point. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Adams Media and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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