Dark Corners

Dark Corners

In Dark Corners, Rachel Krall is a true crime podcaster. She built up a following by using her show to prove the innocence of convicted murderers. But even she is not ready when the FBI asks her to speak with a presumed serial killer, Terry Bailey.

Terry has only two days left of his six-year robbery sentence. Why did he ask his last visitor, Maddison Logan a now missing #vanlife vlogger, to contact Rachel? Did he use an accomplice to kidnap, or do worse, to Maddison? When Terry admits nothing to Rachel, the FBI cut off Rachel’s access to the missing person case. Intrigued, Rachel decides to investigate both the current case and the years old serial killer case. She begins by posing as a new fitness content creator at a convention of influencers because it was the last place Rachel was seen alive.

“I’ve been looking for a predator. It turns out that a predator has also been looking for me.”

The content creators’ world was unusual and fascinating. The characters, especially Rachel, felt genuine and made you root for them. Terry has a bit of a compelling backstory too. The tension of the cat and mouse chase between Rachel and the killer ratcheted up the tension from the midpoint of the book to the surprising finale.

Dark Corners is another great thriller from the author of The Escape Room. It is much better than the first book in the Rachel Krall series, The Night Swim. 5 stars!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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