Bones of Holly

Bones of Holly

What do Al Capone, a silent era film star and treasure have in common? They may be why famous popular history author, Sandra O’Day, and her assistant, Daryl, vanished without a trace during a party at her house. Or it could have been current mobsters, neighbors that have a grudge, or simply a publicity stunt to increase book sales. When Private Investigator Sarah Booth and her best friend Tinkie are hired by another author, Janet Malone, who had several public disagreements with Sandra, to investigate, they must try to untangle the rumors from the facts in Bones of Holly.

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt or private investigation? Throw in mobsters, movie stars, and Christmas just for fun, stir and enjoy the refreshing result.

The setting of coastal Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, is so well described that you will feel like you vacationed there. The ongoing characters of Sarah Booth, former society girl, Tinkie, and Sarah Booth’s resident haint, Civil War-era Jitty, all feel like real people with genuine emotions and actions. The mystery was good and not so challenging you had to take notes. Bones of Holly is a pleasant afternoon diversion for cozy mystery fans. 4 stars!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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