Apocalypse Confirmed?

Apocalypse Confirmed

I challenged myself to guess how I would like three apocalyptic books prior to reading them. How did I do?

This four-day weekend I’m challenging my book selection skills by pre-rating three apocalyptic thrillers, reading them, and seeing if I was right in my initial assessment.

Here’s the rundown for those that didn’t read my initial post.

Religion and Nazis are key plot points in Sign of the Cross by Glenn Cooper. It is published by independent Black Thorn Books. Out July 4th.

The king of alternate historic fiction, Harry Turtledove, takes on the End of Days in Alpha and Omega. Published by science fiction and fantasy publisher, Del Rey Books, this book promises dirty bombs, other signs of the apocalypse, and a startling discovery during a dig under the Temple Mount. Out July 2nd.

Finally, I have Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig released by Bethany House, a Christian publisher. A centuries old manuscript carries the key to stop the End Time scourges that are erupting worldwide as foretold in the Bible. Also, out July 2nd.

Here is my initial scoring:

  1. Alpha and Omega—it promises the twisty plot and surprising conclusion that I enjoy.
  2. Sign of the Cross—it sounds like The DaVinci Code in the end times, which is a good thing. I loved that book!
  3. Storm Rising—I read a review on NetGalley saying it was a military thriller, which is not my favorite, for sure. However, it has the highest rating on NetGalley of the three books (5 out of 5 stars average with 31 reviews) so my decision to put it last may be completely misguided.

Here is what I discovered:

  1. Alpha and Omega—I absolutely loved this book and gave it 5 stars! See my full review here.
  2. Storm Rising-I like this book more than the book below and gave it 3.5 stars. I think that military thriller lovers would adore this book. But me, eh. Here is the full review.
  3. Sign of the Cross—An okay read but there was not much original content here. It suffered by comparison with The DaVinci Code. The protagonist is even a Harvard professor (talk about sticking close to the “source: material). See what I really thought here.

Overall, not too bad. I’ll give myself 3 stars because I flipped the last two books.

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