Allen, Son of Hellcock

Allen son of Hellcock cover pic

Comic quest without many surprises. Allen, Son of Hellcock is the story of two sons trying to live up to their legendary fathers. Hellcock is legendary for his exploits but has recently been killed in battle.  In Hellcock’s absence, his rival, Lord Krong, has taken control of the region. Hellcock’s ghost is egging Allen on to avenge his death. Meanwhile, Lord Krong’s son, Kaarl, is spoiling for a chance to prove he is as evil as his father. Unfortunately, neither son have any innate talent for fighting.


I had high expectations for Allen, Son of Hellcock. The author writes for the Onion and Last Week Tonight. I was expecting laugh-out-loud moments. Unfortunately, there are only a few vaguely humorous scenes. My favorite part was when the authors broke through the fourth wall and appeared as themselves. They had a few good lines satirizing the book’s plot as too derivative. Basically, that was my issue with Allen, Son of Hellcock as well. However, the comic was a pleasant way to spend a few hours so 3 stars.


Thanks to the publisher, Z2 Comics, and netgalley for an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review. Allen, Son of Hellcock will be published January 9, 2018.

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