A Libertarian Walks into a Bear

A Libertarian Walks into a Bear

This is what happens when A Libertarian Walks into a Bear.

Grafton, New Hampshire, has always been famous for its bears. The bears snatch food, chickens, cats, and even children occasionally from the townsfolk. When a group of Libertarians decide to make a model town with minimal government right there in Grafton, no one takes the bears into account. This action leads to a bear apocalypse.

Wow, this book is definitely not doing the New Hampshire tourist board any favors! I have only seen bears in zoos—usually as I’m walking to the more marquee animals like the giraffes and elephants. Plus I live in a literal desert. I really have no interest in bears at all. After the Trump administration, Libertarians look almost quaint by comparison. So, unfortunately, A Libertarian Walks into a Bear did not hold my attention. However, I’m sure other people will like it more than I did because it is well-written. 3 stars.

Thanks to PublicAffairs and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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