A Cornish Seaside Murder

A Cornish Seaside Murder

“Nosey” Jodie Parker is now officially a (part-time) detective in the tiny English village of Penstowan on the Cornish coast. This puts her in the awkward position of working directly for her boyfriend, Nathan. Soon, a man found drowned in a water trough along with a missing mermaid statue begin a case that will challenge them both. Are the local fishermen, correct? Has The Siren, a vengeful mermaid, come back to wreak havoc because something fishy is going on in the nearby protected sea? Or is there a more modern reason for A Cornish Seaside Murder?

This is the sixth book in the Nosey Parker Cody mystery series. It is always a pleasant afternoon when reading about Jodie and her family and friends. The mystery was relatively easy to work out the solution, which makes this book a calming read. Overall, 4 stars for a likable cozy mystery.

Thanks to One More Chapter and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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