Cold Wind

“We’ve got two muddy, silent mystery girls and a dead body. It all makes for some real concern.”—said by the laconic Police Chief Gril of remote Benedict, Alaska in Cold Wind. It isn’t as if Beth doesn’t have enough going on already. Chased by her memories of an earlier kidnapping,Continue Reading

A Deadly Edition Review and Giveaway

My Review Library Manager Amy and dancer Richard are getting married! However, a pre-wedding reception at art gallery owner Kurt’s house is tragically interrupted when Kurt’s rival art collector, Oscar, is found murdered in the yard. Intrepid amateur detectives Amy and her best friend and library employee Sunny, of course,Continue Reading

Fool Me Twice

In Fool Me Twice, master thief Riley is back! Now, he is being coerced by an arms dealer to steal a fresco, which is painted on a wall in the Vatican. It is a truly impossible task. How will Riley pull it off? I gave the original book in thisContinue Reading

Big Kibble

You really don’t want to read what is in the food you are feeding your dog. However, it is an eye-opening read. Big Kibble essentially throws anything they can get, that is cheap, into the mix. Their history of doing so goes back to post WWI. All those war horsesContinue Reading

The Last Resort

In The Last Resort, a mysterious invitation brings seven strangers together on a seemingly deserted island. The strangers include: Amelia, a humanitarian aid worker Lucy, an anonymous celebrity gossip columnist Giles, a game designer Tiggy, Giles’ girlfriend and a brand influencer James, a cameraman Brenda, an investor Scott, an AmericanContinue Reading