Cold Wind

Cold Wind

“We’ve got two muddy, silent mystery girls and a dead body. It all makes for some real concern.”—said by the laconic Police Chief Gril of remote Benedict, Alaska in Cold Wind.

It isn’t as if Beth doesn’t have enough going on already. Chased by her memories of an earlier kidnapping, Beth has left the lower 48 and moved to a remote Alaskan town. With her former captor still free, Beth is afraid and hiding. In addition, she is writing a thriller under a pen name and running, and writing, the local newspaper, the Benedict Petition. However, her strange facility with crime scenes encourages Gril to bring her along to a bizarre crime scene.

A huge mudslide brings a backwoods shed into the open. Inside, a nude and frozen woman is found. It appears she was murdered, frozen elsewhere, and then dumped in the shed. When Gril and Beth find a wood cabin nearby, the obvious suspect is the backwoods owner. But what, if anything, do the two silent young girls have to do with the crime?

There are three mysteries within Cold Wind: the dead woman, the two girls, and Beth’s still uncaptured kidnapper. All three are compelling plots. However, Beth’s plot is mostly backburnered here. The other two tales are intriguing and a challenge to solve. 4 stars!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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