Your Life is Mine

Your Life is Mine

Your Life is Mine has a great hook. Blanche, the daughter of a famous deceased cult leader tries to solve her mother’s murder many years later. Was it simply a random home invasion or has her father’s cult returned to complete his mandate? At the same time, a journalist is threatening to expose Blanche as the cult leader’s daughter, which could destroy her own journalism career.

Your Life is Mine has such potential. However, I didn’t relate to any of the characters—not even Blanche. Despite being about a murderous cult, the story dragged for me. Finally at about 90% into the book, the pace picks up to page-turning. There is the obligatory twisty reveal and then a quick wrap up of all the other loose ends. It was underwhelming to a frequent thriller reader like me and, sadly, a missed opportunity for the author. 2.5 stars.

Thanks to Atria Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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