The Unofficial Disney Parks EPCOT Cookbook

The Unofficial Disney Parks EPCOT Cookbook

Crazy high gas prices and travel costs shelving your summer vacation plans? Use The Unofficial Disney Parks EPCOT Cookbook to travel the world from your kitchen.

With recipes as diverse as the Lobster Poutine from the Canada Pavilion to the Froot Loops Shake from the International Flower & Garden Festival, there is food for every taste bud and every cooking level. There are some surprises. Who knew that the Steamed Asian Impossible Dumplings, which look delicious, are served in the Canada Pavilion? My personal favorite is the Sipping Chocolate Flight from the International Festival of the Arts that uses three different types of chocolate chips. Flights can be something other than alcoholic!

Most of the recipes are relatively simple to make. A lot of them are fried treats so it’s probably a blessing no nutritional information is provided. Do you ask for the calorie count when at a Disney Park? Of course not!

My sole complaint is not every recipe includes a picture. I would also like the convenient recipe list by pavilion to include page numbers so the index would not also have to be consulted. However, both are minor quibbles.

If you feel like something fun and different for dinner, pick up The Unofficial Disney Parks EPCOT Cookbook. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Adams Media and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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