The Last Tourist

The Last Tourist

The Last Tourist begins as a reluctant spy thriller but soon transforms into a high-octane chase across the world. Who can you trust when everyone is wearing a dark gray hat?

Abdul is abruptly yanked out of his CIA desk job. He is sent to the remote Western Sahara in Northern Africa to ask a man twenty questions. Milo works for the UN but has ties to a terrorist organization, the Massive Brigade. Milo’s father reportedly ran The Library, a massive data trove for terrorists hidden within UN. After his father’s death, Milo inherited the job but updated its mandate to be more active. The interview is swiftly interrupted by gunfire. Abdul is faced with a choice. Run away with Milo or stay and take his chances. After seeing his only in-country contact dead, he chooses Milo and his life is changed forevermore.

Ultimately, why was Abdul called up for this duty? Is it because his family is from this area? Or because his brother died nearby nearly ten years earlier? As Milo soon explains,

“Now I know why then sent you. You’re expendable.”

The Last Tourist is a thrilling fish-out-of-water tale. Abdul is the perfect clueless everyman running lost in the maze of spycraft. It definitely will take your mind of pandemics, money troubles, and lack of toilet paper for a while. 5 stars!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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