Whispering Room

Jane Hawk continues to hunt down her husband’s killer in this action-packed sequel to The Silent Corner. Jane is searching for the top man at Far Horizons, David James Michael, to record his confession. His company is using brain nanobots to control people. Some are used as submissive sex slaves,Continue Reading

High Moon

A former Pinkerton detective, MacGregor, searches for a known criminal in a Western town infected with evil. Set in 1890, the villainous gangs in this graphic novel are extremely original paranormal creatures. Their originality is the best part of this book. The other characters are western movie stereotypes like theContinue Reading


A non-stop roller-coaster of a read! Subhuman begins by showing the seemingly disparate specialties of five scientists. Dr. Cade Evans is an archaeologist, who has just discovered a mass grave underneath an existing excavated Egyptian tomb. Within it, Evans finds a mass of animal and human bodies, one with anContinue Reading

Y is for Yesterday

Good penultimate addition to the series. Y is for Yesterday is the 25th book in Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone private detective series. Y is set in late 1989 and details two mysteries. The first involves Kinsey’s attempted murderer from the previous book in the series, X. Ned Lowe is onceContinue Reading