Secrets of the Force

Secrets of the Force

Secrets of the Force contains a multitude of material about the creation of the first six films in the Star Wars universe. There is lesser information about the films made without George Lucas. Quotes from movie insiders including George and some of the actors do release some secrets.

At over 500 pages, it is a lot of information and rather overwhelming. Some of the quotes are repetitive though they may have been sourced to confirm the original speaker’s memory. It would be more effective to add them to footnotes or endnotes so reading them are optional.

This book is definitely written by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans. The authors seldom write anything critical of the series. If you have a diehard Star Wars fan in your circle, however, Secrets of the Force is the perfect gift. It would also be fascinating for anyone thinking of making a film. 4 stars!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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