Reckless Girls

Reckless Girls

Lux’s mother has died after a lengthy battle with cancer. Lux meets Nico as his server. They fall heavily for each other and sail off on Nico’s boat to Hawaii. The boat needs some repairs before they can continue on with their trip to anywhere but here. Enter the Reckless Girls, Brittany and Amma. They offer to pay for boat repairs if Nico will take them to Meroe Island. They even ask Lux to go too.

Meroe Island has no residents, but another boat has beaten them to the island. The boat’s people, Jake and Eliza, seem nice enough. But Amma seems frightened. Brittany and Amma have a past that is about to haunt everyone on tiny Meroe Island.

The build-up of suspense in Reckless Girls is excellent. Something horrible is about to happen, something to both dread and run toward. Unfortunately, the plot just cannot meet my demands for a truly surprising twist. I’m not sure if the foreshadowing was overdone or I’m jaded from reading so many thrillers. However, I saw the twists coming from miles away. Still, it was fun to read so 4 stars.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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