Precious You

Precious You

Precious You starts out with a bang as a Gen X’er tries to run over the Millennial upstart who has ruined her life.

Katherine is a Gen X editor at a management magazine when a young female named Lily asks for a ride in her cab to work. By an ostensible coincidence, Lily is the new unpaid intern at the magazine. It appears (to us—not Katherine) that Lily is making Katherine late for her first meeting with new publisher, Gemma. However, even depressed and unobservant Katherine realizes she is in trouble when Lily says that Gemma is her aunt.

Lily has a great facade. However, behind the mask, her relationship with Gemma is more like a gun in the war between Gemma and Lily’s mum. To get her own flat near Katherine’s, she has a weekly “erotic arrangement” with the concierge. Lily has a long-term goal and an entire book to achieve it.

Using alternating first-person chapters, Precious You does a great job showing life from two generations’ perspective. As a baby boomer myself, it is interesting to see Gen X’ers feel vulnerable to a younger generation. Personally, I like the Millennial perspective better (work-life balance, experiences over things, etc.) However, Lily also seems like a sociopath in Millennial skin. Still, she probably doesn’t deserve to be run over.

Overall, Precious You is an insightful look into generational differences while also being an entertaining thriller. It is well worth reading. 4 stars!

Thanks to Random House and NetGalley for granting my wish for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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