Murder at the Natural History Museum

Murder at the Natural History Museum

It’s August 1895 in London when Abigail and Daniel are called in to determine who bludgeoned an iguanodon dinosaur fossil. The remains were found with a cryptic note, “Because of he that betrayeth”. But the next morning, a man is found strangled in the same location with another note around his neck, “The price of treason”. Now, Abigail and Daniel must solve both vandalism and a Murder at the Natural History Museum.

I adored the use of real historic personages as suspects. And who knew Bram Stoker was red-haired! Oscar Wilde’s trial and conviction, for what was considered indecent behavior at the time, is a prominent part of the book. The tight one-hour timeframe for the murder and the numerous red herrings make the Murder at the Natural History Museum a perfect case for armchair detectives. It’s a jolly good time! 4 stars!

Thanks to Allison & Busby and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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