Little Secrets

Little Secrets

From the author of Jar of Hearts comes another twisty domestic suspense novel writ large, Little Secrets.

“The FBI estimates that there are currently over thirty thousand active missing person cases for children.”

Marin is shopping with her four-year-old son, Sebastian, in Seattle’s touristy Pike’s Place Market. Her husband, Derek, texts her with lunch ideas from the other side of the large market. To answer Derek, Marin lets go of Sebastian’s hand. When her text is completed, she looks up and realizes her son is gone. Later, the police are called. When reviewing the video surveillance tapes, Marin recognizes her son leaving the Market.

“Someone dressed as Santa Claus took her son. Deliberately. Purposefully.”

The plot moves to sixteen months later. Sebastian is still missing. Marin and Derek are increasingly distant from one another. Marin engages a private investigator, Vanessa, when the case goes cold. She doesn’t tell Derek. One day, Vanessa called Marin into her office. No news on Sebastian, unfortunately. However, they do have evidence that Derek has a long-time mistress. The rage Marin feels finally relieves her long-term sadness. She has a clear path forward—revenge.

Oh wow! I loved this twisty non-stop rollercoaster of a thriller! But let me give you some advice, don’t start reading this book an hour before work. Little Secrets grabs hold of you from the first page and doesn’t let you go until the last one. It is so compelling, you may forget to eat breakfast! I loved it! If you like domestic thrillers where it is hard to determine who wears the white hat and who wears the black one, pick this book up. You won’t be sorry. 5 stars!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

For more information about the author, Jennifer Hillier, I have a video of her describing her previous book, Jar of Hearts, which I reviewed here.

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