Come to Light

Come to Light

In Come to Light, Emit’s wife, Julia, and two of her friends went missing six years ago while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. When the skull of one of the friends is found after a storm on the PCT, Emit suspects his wife’s stalker ex-boyfriend, Guillaume.

Unfortunately, Julia’s sister, Sara, has come to the same conclusion—and hired a hitman to kill Guillaume. Emit must race to prove Guillaume’s guilt before Sara’s assassin murders him.

Originally, I thought this book was a graphic novel. However, it is fiction with occasional illustrations. Since I’m reading an eARC, I can’t speak about the presentation of the physical book. Instead, I’m just reviewing the story itself.

The plot is relatively simple if you remove all of the flowery paragraphs about the setting and the narrator’s feelings about everything. Flowery writing may be good or bad depending on your point of view. This book’s “flower rating” is on par with Stephen King. But it does delay the pacing to slower than a typical thriller.

Overall, Come to Light has many twists that I, unfortunately, saw coming. Plus I typical like my thrillers to be more fast-paced. So from me personally, 3 stars. However, fans of literary fiction’s slower pacing and languorous writing style may rate it higher.

Thanks to West Margin Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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