Logging Off

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” Andy is a self-employed freelance graphic designer with intestinal issues. With a fixation on social media, gaming, and streaming, there is zero hope of his Logging Off anytime soon. Until he gets cancer… No. according to his real doctor—not the cancer-pronouncing Dr.Continue Reading

Eat, and Love Yourself

Mindy is thick, fluffy, or chubby depending on your culture. But she is definitely not feeling the motto Eat, and Love Yourself. However, when she finds a chocolate bar labeled like that, she hopefully tries it with eye-opening results. Eating disorders and bad self-esteem are serious and this book handlesContinue Reading


Shorefall is the sequel to Foundryside, which I loved. Now, the gang is back and off righting wrongs while personally profiting, of course. If you haven’t read Foundryside, please take a few days to read that book first. It will greatly increase your delight in this book if you knowContinue Reading

Sigh, Gone

Coming to American after the fall of Saigon, two-year-old Phuc Tran didn’t know the difficult path still ahead of him. For being the only Vietnamese, heck the only Asian, family in small town America, he was bound to stand out. Sigh, Gone is his tale of how he found hisContinue Reading

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner

Who knew that there were so many tasty dishes featuring the humble chicken? It truly means Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner can be a 10-minute Tostada or an exotic Chicken Laarb. The flavor profiles come from all over the world. Sheet Pan Shawarma to Harissa Chicken to Filopino-style Chicken Adobo areContinue Reading

In Her Shadow

From the first page, In Her Shadow grabs you by the throat and won’t you go. “‘Help.’ My voice is hoarse. Fading fast. Someone help me. But no one’s coming. No one knows I’m down here.” And then the first trickle of smoke appears, the house where Colleen is trappedContinue Reading


“These are the Tidelands: half tide, half land, good for nothing.” On Sealsea Island, England, in 1648, Alinor is only twenty-seven. Her husband has either run off with their small fishing boat—or died at sea. She has two children: thirteen-year-old Alys and twelve-year-old Rob. Alinor also has the “sight” likeContinue Reading

Little Secrets

From the author of Jar of Hearts comes another twisty domestic suspense novel writ large, Little Secrets. “The FBI estimates that there are currently over thirty thousand active missing person cases for children.” Marin is shopping with her four-year-old son, Sebastian, in Seattle’s touristy Pike’s Place Market. Her husband, Derek,Continue Reading

18 Caliber Spotlight and Giveaway

  18 Caliber Spotlight and Giveaway 18 CALIBER, Maizie Albright Star Detective Mystery Cozy Mystery 6th in Series Past Perfect Press (April 14, 2020) Print Length: 395 pages Digital ASIN: B085HGGBW2 LUCKY IN LOVE AND LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. UNTIL NOW. Maizie’s mixing with international stars, spies, and her mother’sContinue Reading

Asbury High and the Thief's Gamble Guest Post and Giveaway

 Pilot Owens’ Character Guest Post If You Could Go Anywhere In The World With Anyone, Where Would You Go And Why? Also Why Did You Choose That Person?             Cool question… the first part is obvious and that’s Carly Cosentino. Not only is she the world’s best girlfriend, super hot, athletic, andContinue Reading

Repo Virtual

In the not too distant future, Korea has been overtaken by greedy companies. The populace forgets its poverty and hopelessness by playing a massively multiplayer online game, VOIDWAR. People are so obsessed with buying virtual goods for VOIDWAR that now they buy them with real money on credit. If theyContinue Reading