Seek You

Seek You

Using ham radio, television laugh tracks, and pop culture as examples, Seek You attempts to explain how loneliness became so widespread in our society.

“The laugh track of each show was a lesson in what I was supposed to feel and know, and a promise for something I could someday be. The laugh track functions by coaxing a solitary viewer into a sense that she isn’t, in fact, alone.“

Loneliness impacts people deeply. The lonely are even at a higher risk of dying. Science has made only tiny steps toward understanding the biology underlying loneliness. What makes some people more suceptible? While others, like me, like solitude at least sometimes?

Seek You has many more questions than scientific answers. The questions are important and need to be asked. However, the book has a distinct and obvious bias against right wing issues, especially guns, and media like Fox. This will turn off many readers. There is no scientific evidence to support the opinions presented. And, let’s face it, the whole book has a depressing feeling. For this reason, 3 stars.

Thanks to Pantheon Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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